Is Islam winning?

The mark of civilization is that in disagreements, dialogue will rule the day, that we’ll discuss and argue points, remembering that our views need to be sold to an audience before any change can take place. To restrict free expression means that force will be used to stifle thought as speech is the action produced by thinking.


End Self-censorship on the Carbon Dioxide Debate

A version of this was written for and published by the BC Conservative. The intimidation is almost beyond belief – government officials threatening fines and jail time for questioning catastrophic global warming. In the latest round the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Exxon have both been issued subpoenas to provide more than 10 years of their […]

Stop the Research on GMOs?

….Wheat, rice and corn are all decedent from grasses. Through selective breeding, those greatly modified grasses today feed some 7 billion people. And consider that your friend, the dog, originated as a wolf thousands of years ago, and now, selective breeding gives us hundreds of canine variations showing little resemblance to their distant ancestors.