End Self-censorship on the Carbon Dioxide Debate

A version of this was written for and published by the BC Conservative. The intimidation is almost beyond belief – government officials threatening fines and jail time for questioning catastrophic global warming. In the latest round the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Exxon have both been issued subpoenas to provide more than 10 years of their […]

What We Get From Oil

There are yet no alternatives for fossil fuels. It is impossible to find a viable substitute for hydrocarbon fuels either as an energy source or for the chemical building blocks that make a modern society possible. To stop using fossil fuel is to lose our society. So why do so many of our society’s leaders call for an end to the use of fossil fuel?

Who Pays The Carbon Tax?

First, revenue neutral means the government will redistribute the tax collected, supposedly lowering other taxes. This does not mean you get your money back because there are innumerable other pockets that will be filled first….
Notably, the carbon tax is praised far and wide by what has become the two most influential groups in our society, the political bureaucracy and the environmental lobbyists. Both groups are unstintingly devoted to programming the world for the rest of us.