To Flounder or to Flourish.

Are we ready to fight to take back our stolen right, the right to life ….of using the earth to support our lives? Or is public apathy just too deeply embedded?


BC Hydro is now Social Engineering

And so the blame for BC Hydro mis-direction must be laid a the feet of those responsible; our political leaders. We have for many years, elected people to public office that are either unwilling or unable to reject green activism.

Quality of Life and Energy.

And so the question, can bureaucratic control lead to societal success? Can a population flourish when every decision must be made by a self-serving committee? We’ve been warned of the dangers of doing so by the signers of the Magna Carta, by John Locke, by Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Paine. In fiction, George Orwell, Ayn Rand and many others paint dismal pictures showing what transpires when life-control is relinquished to bureaucracies.